How Does Coaching Work?

Your Coach is a different kind of professional

What Happens During Coaching?

Every coaching session is about the challenges and opportunities that are most pressing to you in real time. This means that your coach comes prepared to help you clarify your thinking and achieve confidence about decisions that you are facing right now. A coach can help you move to action much more efficiently than you can do it yourself.
We do this by holding coaching conversations by telephone or online in one of our Zoom meeting rooms with the video turned off. This means that you can use our services from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to travel to our office. You don’t have to worry about what to wear or how you look. In a pinch, you can reach your coach on short notice.
As a result, our entire time is dedicated to the reason you came — we don’t waste your time getting coffee, finding a place to sit, or waiting for the previous client to leave. No secretaries bringing messages, no phone calls to interrupt our work. That means you get the most value possible for your money.

Consultant? Mentor? Counselor?

Consultants offer advice.
Your coach empowers your discovery of personal solutions by focusing and clarifying your thinking.
Mentors often are more experienced colleagues who advise you.
Your coach helps you find your own powerful solutions for your unique context and experience.
Counselors bring the patient/client to health by illuminating the past.
Your coach believes in your health. That means your coach looks forward to the future and guides your journey of learning.
Spiritual directors, disciplers, gurus, confessors or other faith guides are from your own faith tradition. Therefore they have a specific role in your spiritual life.
Your coach comes alongside you and upholds you as you discover solutions that are authentic to your values and personhood.

“What is Synergeia?”

“Synergeia” is an ancient word. It describes the synergy of the human and the divine. For us, it also means the synergy that comes from two minds working together, in the service of God. We believe this leads to amazing solutions.
We work with leaders of businesses, non-profits and religious institutions of every faith tradition. Our mission is to help you lead with confidence, find fulfillment in service, and live your best life.
We do this this by tailoring high quality, confidential coaching services in real time for your unique needs, hopes and goals.
Could you benefit from coaching?
Let’s find out by scheduling a free 30-minute, no-obligation, exploratory call. By the end of the conversation, we’ll both know if coaching is for you.
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