About Your Coach

Father Ian, Lead Coach

“What’s really important? What’s distracting me?”
“How can I be a powerful servant leader?”
“How can we do this better?”
“Where do we go from here?”
“What is the Gospel-driven choice?”
Those are the questions that drive Father Ian’s coaching style.

Father Ian got his start in media and communications, managing a small radio station in Ontario, Canada, and ultimately becoming president of Media Corporation. After moving to Ohio, he built a career teaching and training educators and private sector professionals. Then, in mid-life, he was called to serve the church. He has given the last thirty years to teaching and nurturing students, teachers, clergy and faithful for success and happiness at work and at home. He directed continuing education for clergy and lay leaders, presided over the ecclesiastical court system, and founded Synergeia.org in 2022, all while keeping up active parish ministry.

Father Ian is a member of the Orthodox Coaching Network and the International Coaching Federation, and adheres to the Federation’s Code of Ethics. He received his coach training at the Professional Christian Coaching Institute and is a graduate of the Antiochian House of Studies, where he studied Pastoral Theology. He also completed undergraduate degrees in philosophy and education, postgraduate studies in the Management of Nonprofit Organizations and holds a Ph.D. in Staff and Organization Development.

Father Ian and his wife, Mary Lynn, have two grown children and four amazing grandkids.

A Personal Note from Father Ian

“The coaching relationship is personal. That’s why I’d like us to get to know each other a little before making any commitments.
“Are we a good fit for each other in a working relationship? I don’t know.
“So, let’s find out by spending up to thirty minutes in a free, no-obligation chat. You can help me understand what you’re hoping to get from coaching, and I can describe my process and goals for you. Then, if we mesh, we can enter into a coaching agreement.
“If that sounds fair to you, then just click the button:
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