by Father Ian

My Pledge to You: 

I am a professionally trained coach; I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Orthodox Coaching Network, and I hold myself subject to the Codes of Ethics and the best practices and values of those organizations. In addition: 

I will honor and respect the image of Christ in my clients: 

As your brother and interlocutor, I will work for your growth and success. I will withhold my personal judgments and opinions, and I will support you as you find solutions and decisions that are your own. 

I will begin our relationship by providing clear and honest expectations for our work together. 

During our time together, I will give you my full presence and attention. 

I will inform you if any conflicts of interest should arise in our relationship. 

I will hold in confidence all information shared by you in the coaching relationship. 

I will strive to grow my professionalism: 

I hold myself accountable to my coaching communities. 

I will continually seek and participate in growth and education opportunities for coaches. 

I will strive to model and share best practices for my fellow coaches. 

In His love,
Father Ian

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