Is Coaching for You?

You might benefit from coaching, if . . .

. . . You are an Individual and you want to:

Live by choice instead of guilt

Create space to do the things you value most

Strengthen the important relationships in your life

Make healthy choices based on your own values

Build energy and get results by leveraging your personal strengths

Set better boundaries so you can be true to yourself while remaining close to those around you

. . . You are a Leader or Manager and you’d like to:

Build your team

Choose effective strategies for action

Get your schedule and workload under control

Hone your delegation skills

Inspire others for greater productivity

Sharpen your focus for personal efficiency

Clarify and communicate your priorities

. . . You are in Ministry and you’re seeking:

A trusted collaborator to come alongside as you face the unique challenges of pastoral ministry

A human sounding board as you brainstorm options for the future

Continued conversation with a seasoned faith leader in a confidential, judgment-free space

A chance to deeply and powerfully examine your personal commitments and choices

Is coaching for you? Let’s find out!
No pressure, no obligation. By the end of the call you’ll know.
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